About Deziner 1, LLC

Wine Valet
Wine Valet

Thank you for your interest in Deziner 1, LLC products. Growing up the son of a carpenter gave me plenty of opportunity to create go carts, shelves, and various other creations the world couldn’t survive without.

All grown up, my wife and I have enjoyed a nice glass of wine. However, it always took awhile to dig for the corkscrew, foil cutter, and stopper from the utility drawer, glasses from above the fridge, and wine from the cupboard.  The need once again for a new creation came to life, a wine storage cabinet to store and showcase everything for a fine glass of wine.

Wine Rack Creations

Forty years of mechanical design experience and a life-long “can do attitude” has lead me to develop a unique and practical line of wine rack products. So to share with the world these creations, a few years ago I started making wine racks of different shapes and sizes, blending wood, metal, and fabrics.  This would allow wine lovers to add custom style to their décor and fit their space, needs and budget.

Throughout the years of displaying products at numerous events, I’ve always listened to what the people were looking for making D1 products versatile to accommodate their needs… all but one. I kept getting asked, “Do you have anything to keep wine glasses from falling off the wall of my motorhome?” Thus the Stem Mate®  was born.